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Aldevron to Build 14-Acre Gene Therapy Manufacturing Campus

Another great project Heyer Engineering Inc. is involved in!

August ground breaking of second GMP manufacturing facility

  • Expands GMP and GMP SourceTM plasmid capacity 10-fold

  • Supports gene editing, gene therapy, and cell therapy applications

  • Includes synthetic production of nucleic acids, vertical integration for client

Aldevron, a leader in the production of plasmid DNA, proteins, mRNA and antibodies; announced today expansion plans for a 14-acre campus at its headquarters in Fargo, N.D. Phase one construction will begin in August. Upon completion of the campus, the annual capacity will exceed $1 billion of plasmid DNA, RNA, gene editing enzymes, and other biologics.

The first two-story building will increase Aldevron’s GMP and GMP-SourceTM production capacity up to 10 times its current output. This 189,000 square-foot new build will connect to the existing GMP facility and is expected to be fully operational by Q1 of 2021. In total, three new buildings are slated to be built over the next three to five years to support the rapidly growing field of genetic medicine.

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