Structural Evaluation

Throughout the life-cycle of a building, the structure may experience a change in use, damage from a storm or may just be showing its age. We provide several different types of structural evaluations to fit whatever needs your existing building project may require.


  • Structural evaluation of existing buildings for adaptive reuse
    • Early-phase information to assist in the decisions process, budget, and schedule 
    • Critical structural findings allowing the owner to make an educated decision
  • Analysis of structure components
    • Feasibility studies for: a new roof top mechanical equipment, roof decks, green roofs, new atriums, skylights, elevator shafts or stairways, etc. 
  • Input on project phasing and sequencing


Concerns about potential safety issues or the overall condition of the building often arise.  We have performed hundreds of building condition assessments for owners, developers, and contractors, and can provide a professional engineer’s opinion on specific structural issues relative to your building.


Buildings are subjected to many environmental conditions and general wear over their life span. 

Our clients include adjusters, legal teams, owners, insurance companies, just to name a few. We provide structural overview, investigation, and evaluation services to identify performance or code deficiencies. 

Common items investigated include: 

  • Material Deterioration 
  • Fire / Water Damage 
  • Overload
  • Settlement / Deflection / Deformation 
  • Vibration
  • Change of Occupancy
  • Plus Other Influences